We are a wholly independent, self-sustaining and mightily ambitious film production company and distributor. With three completed feature films under our belt and three more in the works, we've made quite a splash in the five years since Hex Media's inception. From White Out, our micro-budget dystopian debut, to the award-winning supernatural drama Lord of Tears and our newest release, the critically acclaimed The Unkindness of Ravens, we've continually pushed the boundaries of the horror genre. 

But we can't do it without you. We are passionate, first and foremost, about telling original stories, the kinds of stories that the mainstream can't or won't explore. To make these kinds of films, we need support from people like you who are just as passionate about horror as we are. With your help we can grow together, to make the kinds of films that we want to see, to create bold, thought-provoking, unique, affecting and, of course, entertaining films in a revolutionary, sustainable way.

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As we grow, we want to create opportunities for other aspiring creatives, so if you love writing stories or making films, art or music, reach out to us via e-mail or on social media. Right now, we're seeking pitches for an ambitious new horror short anthology For We Are Many. This is an amazing opportunity to be part of a feature film which will showcase your talent to the widest audience possible. So, if you're a director of shorts, or think you have what it takes to make one, check out the guidelines on the For We Are Many page and get in touch.

By buying our films and merchandise, spreading the word about us on social media, or backing us on Kickstarter, you're helping to build an independent film movement, and becoming part of our team. Making a film is a collaboration in every sense, but for us, you, the fans are as much a part of that as any of the creative team. Without passionate support from fans, indie film simply wouldn't exist.

So, come join our indie horror revolution! Reach out via e-mail, join us on social media, and do sign up for our free newsletter, The Hexen Grimoire!

Let's see what fantastical and terrifying new worlds we can build together!